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18 Jan 2018

**$20.00 for $20.00**

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I wanted to share this cool little coin with you!  It's from the Royal Canadian Mint who has a great program called $20.00 for $20.00.  The one I really liked is this 2013 Canadian Wolf.   Struck in 99.99% fine silver with a worldwide mintage of 250,000. It has a serrated edge, weight of 7.96 g. and diameter of 27 mm. The obverse was designed by Susanna Blunt and features Queen Elizabeth II.  The reverse shows a frontal view of a wolf running through the barren wilderness. The designer is Glen Loates.  The face value is $20.00...and the cost of this coin is $20.00.   Pretty cool huh!!!  So next time you have an extra $20 bucks, think about these cool little coins!  Thanks for looking at my blog. I look forward to your comments.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats a great coin that is absolutely superb thanks for sharing


Level 3

I just tried looking into this and it sounds like they stopped the program. Bummer. But they still sell some of the old ones. They are nice.


Level 3

Thanks for the blog. I will be looking into this. I really like the idea.


Level 6

Beautiful coin. Great research job too. Another great thing about it and the series s it $20 for $20 Canadian Dollars. I nice low mintage too. Thanks Kepi. Great blog and photos!


Level 5

I have bought a couple of the 20 for 20 coins. I think it is something our mint should look in to.


Level 7

It's a very nice coin. I do like it. Thanks f showing it to us. I o appreciate it.


Level 6

Beautiful, silver, depicting a lovely animal, well-designed.


Level 6

Great promotional idea on selling the coins.

I like the marketing idea behind these coins. They remind me of simpler days when you could buy a half dollar commemorative for a dollar. I'd like to see other mints pick up on the idea. the fact that they are silver is a plus.

Michael Marotta

Level 4

Nice coin. Thanks.

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