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09 Oct 2021

"My Little Book of Nuts"

Exonumia | Kepi

Here's a fun little blast from the past blog! I have been collecting these vintage coin saver bank folders back from the 50's and 60's. At the time these were geared towards kids to teach them to save money. (What a Great idea!) haha This one I'm showing today features a squirrel and he's collecting "nuts" or what I would call "Mercury Dimes"... I wanted all of these dimes to be blast white just for the fun of it, but to my surprise while finished and sitting on a shelf I noticed that the dimes are starting to tone. Well the top half of the dime that is... Crazy! The part that is slid down in the pocket is still shiny silver. Now I would have thought it would have been the opposite perhaps the cardboard having some chemical in it... But no, the part of the dime not touching the cardboard toned. Any thoughts on why this happened? Another crazy thought... This little folder holds 30 Mercury Dimes and when filled up you have saved $3.00! Well back in the 50's that is! haha Hope you enjoyed my blog! Comments are welcomed. ; )



Level 4

The toning may be from the light shining on it.


Level 5

Very interesting, thanks for the blog!

I think it's because the part of the coin on the bottom was protected from the air but the top half was widely exposed, making the top half more toned.


Level 5

This is what I think happened. Toning is cause by sulfur and oxygen reacting with the silver. The sulfur is emitted from the paper. Oxygen is in the air. The paper covered half of the coin kept the oxygen exposure low in that area. Thus less toning.


Level 6

What a fun collection. That is a lot of work to get $3.00. Well done. Good luck on the next one.. Thanks.

Long Beard

Level 5

That's something I collect as well. Of the 17 in my collection, two are from the 1930's/'40s judging by the full-color portrait style artwork. Four of them were for quarters ($5.00). All but one were never used.


Level 7

A wonderful set . I love the story. It's to bad the mint has nothing for kids today. This is a great way to get kids to collect and a classic design. I would say if they were just in the box it's the elements that's a guess. Banks used these to teach kids how to collect. We had a square box with the bank name. Every week you brought it to the bank and it went into your account. Thanks for the memories. Great blog


Level 6

What a fun collection. I know other collectors that some sort of bank items.


Level 5

That is a great area to collect. I'm going to look around for them now. The toning is something. Someone can tell us how that works on these type holders. Thanks for showing these, they are very interesting. I always am amazed at pur different areas and things to collect.

Long Beard

Level 5

I seal my in plastic using a food vaccum sealer. PVC free, of course. Toning adds to the appeal but can be detrimental as well.

AC coin$

Level 5

That's cool; a very nice collection beautiful . Thanks for the blog.

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