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18 Jun 2017

"6 Months of saved pocket change"...

Coins | Kepi

It was time to empty the ol' jar of saved pocket change from about 6 months of tossing it in everyday!  Always exciting to see what you might find and how much you actually saved.  This jar full weighed about 19 pounds, netted me $225.00 and after going through every coin I found one 1964 Silver Quarter. Not bad for a day of fun!   : )    Now to start all over again!      Who else saves all their change?


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

nice find. i have one of those but don't get enough change as $200


Level 4

I save all change then I sort batches and examine with a hand held digital microscope when time permits. It is amazing how many collector coins get spent at gas stations.


Level 5

I have been saving my spare change for years. The wife isn't patient enough to let it build up. She always rolls it as soon as there is enough to.


Level 6

Wow! Sounds like fun. Nice going to the 1964 quarter.


Level 5

I save my change everyday too but for less that 6 months. I occasionally find something. I have blogged about a proof nickel I found not long ago. But what do you do with the rest of the money. I roll it up. Exchange it at the bank and add it to my stash to buy coins and books. That seems to help my budget since I usually over spend my monthly numismatic budget anyway.


Level 6

I roll it up too. Trade it in at the bank and you got it...save to buy a special coin. : )


Level 7

Thanks Kepi and a happy Father's day to you. I have gone thru two large banks and didn't find much. A few things but I had a blast as sure as I know you did. Thanks and enjoy for the pictures and your find. Mike.


Level 6

WOW!! I heard from an undisclosed source, that's used to work at a bank, that the pick-up companies, such as Garda and Brinks, run their coins through a counter that picks out silver. How are we to make an extra find? Thanks Kepi. Let us know how the next jar goes, please!


Level 6

Love the pic! yes, I do that too. I read in one of those financial tips books that it's a good idea to save change in a jar. I've been doing it for years. And you found a silver quarter too! Once I found a SBA dollar in my holdings. I guess someone thought it was a quarter.

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