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02 Nov 2017

** A Classic Trade Dollar**

Coins-United States | Kepi

This is by far one of my prized coins!   My 1874  CC  Trade Dollar  AU 53    "CAC"...     Was once in "The Col. Green/Eric P. Newman" Collection.   I really feel so honored to have this piece in my collection now.  I hope you enjoy the photo's!  Thanks!



Level 6

That's a beautiful coin. To think it was once owned by two of Numismatic's greats.. WOW!!

Love the coin and love the pedigree. To think this coin rested among a collection that featured all five 1913 Liberty head nickels!


Level 4

kepi, nice coin ! i like those trades & cool pedigree too !

coin collector

Level 4

great pictures nice


Level 5

Wonderful coin! I just took delivery on an MS-61 1877-S Trade Dollar myself although not with that provenance! I do however, have an AU-58 CAC 1859 Indian Head Cent with the Eric P Newman provenance in my collection! Like you, I consider it a prize!


Level 6

A beautiful coin. Trade dollars are under-appreciated. And you can't beat the provenance! Wow!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is one of the beauties of all US coins. thanks for sharing


Level 5

Provenance and a nice coin. Can't beat that. So that coin has a history with 2 famous collectors. I'm a bit jealous.


Level 7

A great prize it is and a beautiful. He had one of if not the best collections. To own a coin from that is I think an honor. Enjoy it never let it go. Congratulations. Mike.


Level 6

That is a nice prize. I met Eric P. Newman years ago at a museum in St. Louis

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