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27 Dec 2017

**Ancient Egyptian God Series** SOBEK

Exonumia | Kepi

Hi Everyone!   I would like to share with you my latest addition to my silver collection!  It's the third in the series " Ancient Egyptian Gods" by Sunshine Mint. Known as the Lord of the Waters, "Sobek".  He is the God of strength, power and fertility. He has a protective instinct and guarded the Pharaoh, the Egyptian people and the army.  Crocodile mummies have been found in many tombs still guarding the person who was lain to rest there.  This is a heavy duty round of  2 ounces of pure silver stamped in an ultra high relief design.  This Egyptian Crocodile God stands with crossed arms, carries a staff and wears a headdress. Behind him flows the Nile River with plants growing from the soil to symbolize fertility.  The reverse depicts a pyramid covered with a wall of hieroglyphics.   While a crocodile lays atop a table depicting Nile River motifs of waves and fish.    Inscriptions include “2 oz,” “999,” and “Ag.”   I'm really looking forward to the fourth God in this series.  Yet to be revealed...   Thank you for looking and your comments!



Level 7

I like the two ounce series. And with prices the way they are there a great look and good buy plus the history. Thanks Alot Mike


Level 6

Impressive with quite a scary design! A crocodile. I recall a coin (The Gambia?) featuring a crocodile.


Level 6

The high relief really makes it a beautiful item!


Level 6

That's a beautiful piece. I love the feel of 2 ounces in my hand. The ultra high relief is really able to come out and show the finest details. I'm a reptile guy so I may be a tad biased on this coin! Thanks Kepi. Great blog and photos.


Level 5

Very nice. I like the Egyptian designs. I have a couple of similar pieces in my collection.

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