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04 Jul 2021

**Another Buffalo Added To My Herd**

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   I wanted to share this new addition to my “Buffalo” themed collection!  A perfect Silver 1 oz. Buffalo… PF 70 Ultra Cameo. A National Zoo Commemorative 2019 Buffalo at the Castle.  Mintage of 2,500  Designed by Natanya van Niekerk.

  Did you know that when the National Zoo first opened in Washington, D.C.  132 years ago, visitors could only see a small herd of Buffalo in a pen behind the Smithsonian Castle and an American Golden Eagle.  The attraction became so popular that a bill was drafted and signed, by then President Grover Cleveland, and the National Zoo was born!

 To honor this great institution, the Smithsonian authorized the release of a series celebrating the founding of the National Zoo. The American Buffalo is the first in the series and is shown on a ruff mound and beneath a sky lit by the Smithsonian’s own “sun emblem”.  The reverse shows President Grover Cleveland with the same sun emblem and the date.

   I thought this was such a beautiful coin!  To me the Buffalo is so rugged looking and the strike is amazingly detailed!

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed it   ; )


AC coin$

Level 6

Woooow ! Beutifull Ultra Cameo coin .


Level 4

That coin is amazing! It is interesting that the Smithsonian actually issued a coin.

C.D. Harrell

Level 4

Very cool addition to the Herd! Thanks for sharing.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Now that is an absolute beauty. Thanks for sharing Kepi!!!!!

Long Beard

Level 5

Not long ago I stumbled upon the Smithsonian medal series discovering the two Saint Gaudens. Researching this series I somehow had yet seen this one listed. Thanks for the blog on one I'll be certain to add.


Level 7

That is a beautiful Medal. I think because of this very interesting blog in will have to pick one up. !! The gold I can wait on. Thanks for telling us about this beautiful animal. To think we almost made them extinct. It will go nice with my buffalos.!! Thanks again!!


Level 5

That is a stunning coin and a great post to go along with it Kepi ! Since my uncles lived in Oxon Hill, Md., I have been to the National Zoo a couple of times. I have also had the chance to view these majestic animals up close when stationed at Ft. Sill, OK. Thanks again for a great blog!


Level 5

Beautiful coin. Have not seen it before. Might try to find one myself. Very nice.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That is a spectacular coin Kepi. I'm glad you are gonna let John have a buffalo if he finds it. Do you think he will name it Bill?


Level 6

Beautiful coin and a great blog read. Thanks Kepi. Nothing, I think, says American Plaines more than the mighty Bison. I too love Bison. They make a delicious burger on the Independence Day grill. Farm raised of course. Thanks. P.S. My wife says if a baby bison is walking down our road, I can keep it. I would NEVER eat our bison.


Level 5

Buffalos aren't only a popular attraction in zoos but also in numismatics! That's a nice medal you have there, Kepi!

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