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17 Feb 2018

**Beautiful Blue**

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Hi Everyone,     Just a short blog tonight as I wanted to share with you my latest addition to my toned Mercury Dime Collection!  This one comes from an auction I recently won.   It is a 1942 Mercury Dime or "Winged Liberty Head".    Graded by NGC as a MS62.     Unfortunately no Full Bands, but to me the toning makes up for that.  It shows amazing blue, violet and orange tones on the reverse...   While the obverse is more golden.  There's something about these Mercury Dimes from the 1940's that seem to really tone beautifully, more so than other dates.   Any ideas on why this might be?   I hope you enjoyed my blog!  Any comments are welcomed!                                Please note that scratches are on the holder...not the coin.



Level 3

Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Level 3

Wow nice toning! Really nice eye appeal, i think it's the middle band that's lacking for the full bands designation unfortunately from your photos but great coin! As far as the blue toning i agree with ancient collector I have two Morgan's with the same blue toning and they were kept in cabinets.

I have a Roman Republic with that blue toning. It took thirty years in an antique mahogany coin case with felt lining in the drawers to get that kind of blue. I am glad you were able to find such a great Blue in less time (or at least I hope it took you less time). Great find. Keep us posted on other toned finds.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the blue dimes, just cant get enough of them


Level 6

Another beautiful toned Mercury.. Great pick up!!


Level 6

Great photos. We will have to call you the rainbow lady.


Level 5

Another beautiful one Kepi. You find the nicest coins. Keep them coming.


Level 7

The Mercury dime along with certain other coin tone very well. These are perfect examples of that. I always wondered how a grading service can see under heavy toning. Well they have the tools we don't. It makes for a very beautiful collection. Congratulations on the win. Enjoy them. Mike..


Level 6

Beautiful coin. I once saw a 1939-D Mercury with sea green & gold toning. A set of toned Mercury dimes would be an outstanding exhibit.


Level 4

Nice toning Kepi, Its beautiful. I was looking online for auction sites that sell toned Mercury dimes. I saw a few on Great Collections.

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