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25 Jun 2018

**Beautiful In Bronze**

Exonumia | Kepi

I want to share with everyone today a beautiful Medal that I found and purchased as a gift for my Stepdad who was in the Coast Guard.  It's a "U.S. Coast Guard Bicentennial Bronze Medal".  It's very heavy, fits great in the palm of your hand and measures 3 inches across.  Made of bronze and minted at the Philadelphia Mint...although there is no mint mark on the Medal itself.  I think the details are so clear and dramatic!  The obverse was inspired by a painting named "To the Rescue" by Anton Otto Fischer.  It depicts a 19th century Coast Guard rescue boat battling a storm at sea while trying to aid a disabled vessel. Now this is a cool fact...  Mr. Fischer, who was also Lieutenant Commander Fischer painted this while on active duty in the Coast Guard Reserve!  "Guardians Of The Sea" is inscribed on a flowing banner at the top and "200 Years Of Service" are at the bottom.  The reverse is the official Coast Guard seal, the shield of the Coat of Arms of the United States, the motto "Semper Paratus," or "always ready," and "United States Coast Guard 1790" superimposed on two crossed anchors.  This fit in a beautiful velvet case  (purchased separately).  Perfect for presentation and my Stepdad loved it!   Thanks for reading my blog!  Comments are always welcome.



Level 2

So cool! I feel that sometimes the Coast Guard gets over looked. It is great that you gave that to your stepdad! Thank you to any one who is in Coast Guard! ^-^


Level 4

I always enjoy the large 3” coins and medals the Mint makes.

I love big medals because the designer can get the most detail out of the metal. A great history commemorated on that 3 inch medal.


Level 6

Nice medal. Hopefully, your step-dad enjoys your nice gift. Medals add so much more to the hobby.


Level 5

That's one might fine medal that I am sure your stepdad will be proud to have!


Level 6

That is a nice medal. Detailed design on 1 side, the symbol on the other side. Attractive & well done.


Level 5

Nice medal. I think anyone would enjoy receiving that. I like big medals.


Level 6

Nice blog and great photos. He better love it. That really shows thought went into it... Thanks


Level 7

I love medals that depict our history in action. That is a beauty I know your step dad will appreciate it.. Mike.

Nice! Thanks for sharing. I looked it up on the US Mint website at: https://catalog.usmint.gov/us-coast-guard-bicentennial-bronze-medal-3-inch-954.html

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