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29 Jul 2017

*Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder*...Toned Mercury Dime

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As you might know I have a weakness for toned Mercury Dimes...    After a back and forth bidding war to the last few seconds I came out victorious!  ( Without going over budget )  Whew!    I was happy about that as I really wanted this beauty!  It's a 1937 Mercury Dime  MS66FB toned.  I have to say the photo's on the auction site didn't do to it justice, although beautiful,  when I had the actual dime in my hands the colors were even more brilliant and vivid than I could have imagined!  : )     I wanted to share with all of you this beautiful coin!



Level 2

That is a great find with such great coloration, even in a photo.(which don't tend to do justice.);> ^-^


Level 5

This is certainly beautiful toning. And your photos are appreciated. Thanks for the post.


Level 6

Gorgeous! That is one of the best toned Mercury dimes I've ever seen. You got a gem.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

in my opinion toning is impossible to take a picture of and it just needs to be seen in person but you have shown us to some extent the beauty that coin possesses


Level 5

That's beautiful. Those colors are pretty awesome.


Level 4

A wonderfully beautiful merc!


Level 6

That really is something special. Congratulations on the win!


Level 6

That is very deep toning.


Level 7

It is absolutely beautiful and such a high grade F B you can't beat that combination. Congratulations on a great pick up. Enjoy it Mike.

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