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10 Mar 2015


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This is a wonderful book! Written by Q. David Bowers... (need I say more) Everything Buffalo, from coins, medals, paper money, history, culture and lots more! I bought this book when I started collecting Buffalo Nickels and it's packed full of great information! I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in Buffalo Numismatics and the American Bison in general. Have fun reading! And remember to always expand to your Numismatic library!



Level 6

A Bowers book I don't have? I have to find this

I will certainly look into it.; Thanks! I really appreciate it!



Level 2

It is a great book. His book on Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels is also very helpful. I like the way he breaks down the availability of each individual year and mint mark into % of weak, average, bold struck-not sure if that's his term and full detail coins available. Reading about Q. David Bowers is also very interesting. He is remarkable.


Level 6

Anything written by Q. David Bowers is worth reading!


Level 4

The is great book . I have it.


Level 4

Great coin to honor a symbol of America.


Level 5

I will have to take a look.

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