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10 Mar 2015

"BUFFALO NICKEL ZOMBUCK"...or money of the future???

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The following description of this bullion coin pays homage to the Indian Head "Buffalo Nickel". As if humans turning into zombies wasn't bad enough, the living now have to worry about diseased animals. Black Diamond -- the 1,550 pound buffalo -- is the latest victim of the apocalypse and roams the planet on the 2018 American ZomBuff

This design celebrates the Indian Head Nickel that circulated from 1913-1938. James Earle Fraser created the coin by sketching Black Diamond at the Central Park Zoo, where he wooed crowds on a daily basis.

Now crowds of the able-bodied fear the massive monster as they endeavor to survive the apocalypse.

Black Diamond’s mammoth physique has withered away. His hollow eyes, deteriorating flesh, ribs and bones protrude throughout his body on the obverse. Inscriptions include THE AMERICAN ZOMBUFF, Z FIFTY and 2018.

The reverse is the biohazard symbol to keep the survivors constantly warned of the dangers during the apocalypse. It is splattered with debris and includes inscriptions of ZOMBUCKS, CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE and 1 OZ .999 FINE SILVER.



Level 7

I basiy think the original designer's of these coin's are turning over in there graves. There is bullion and there is bullion. I don't like zombibucks. The look disgusting and the price was ridiculous. The mint that made them made there money. You would actually call this numismatics. I wouldn't, not by a long shot. Buy that's why we have blog's. To express our opinion and that's what this is only an opinion. Thanks mike


Level 5



Level 6



Level 5

this is cool! where did you get them?


Level 6

They are on e-Bay under Zombucks or at Provident Metals. They are really cool!


Level 4

Not crazy about it. But it look nice.


Level 4

Dude I love these coins I collect the copper ones and I want to get a silver one.


Level 5

I hate Zombucks, I think they are ugly.


Level 5

Yeah, I have to agree, the design looks weird and bad. Especially since I don't particularly like the design of the buffalo nickel because it is over crowded.


Level 5

Actually, I'm not a big fan of them either. But, to each his own way!

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