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03 Apr 2018

**Collecting Buffalos again!**

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I wanted to share this beautiful example of a Buffalo Nickel or as some people call them Indian Head Nickel.  My husband surprised me with this today for no particular reason at all other than he thought it would boost back my interest into my Buffalo Nickel collection.  I must admit that I have neglected them as I've been pursuing my other favorite coin, the Mercury Dime.  When I saw my new Buffalo, I was so excited and remembered all over again why I loved this design so much!    This one is a 1937-D.  Graded by PCGS as a  MS65...full of original luster and details. The reverse shows a beautiful strike of a buffalo with  golden toning.  There is a mintage of 17,826,000.  The metal composition is .750 copper and .250 nickel.  The diameter is 21.2 mm and the coin has a plain edge.  I hope this has inspired you to think about a coin you've collected in the past that maybe you should take a second look at.   Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcome.



Level 4

One of my favorites! Thanks

The Buffalo reverse on the nickel is in my opinion one of the most beautiful pieces of coin art. This thread is quite timely as an article appeared in the Spring 2018 Centinal, from the Central States Numismatic Society by Steven Drake on the various US coins that bear the Buffalo (American Bison). Yours is a very lovely example and has a full horn and great luster.


Level 6

That was sure nice of your husband. Great coin!!


Level 5

Nice, that is one of the better struck ones that I have seen. In my opinion the Buffaloes are one of the toughest series to find nice looking coins, if you are building and uncirculated set. Yours is a beautiful coin.


Level 7

I like the 1937 D the series was ending and everyone horded them . I also have two of them there in great shape not great value but I will say it again value is not everything. It what you like and what's not to like about this beauty. Thanks for sharing the information and the great pictures. Mike.


Level 6

It's always a treat to see a lovely Buffalo nickel. 1 of my fav series.

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