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31 Oct 2017

**Crazy Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt**

Exonumia | Kepi

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!    I have a crazy story about my Mom, who sometimes makes up crazy things in her mind....Don't get me wrong I love her!  : )   Well you see,  my Mom and Dad divorced years ago...It's okay...I'm over it.  But get this,  my Mom thinks that Dad has, over the years, buried treasure in my Grandparent's  place on 5 acres in the desert...and not just any old treasure,  GOLD BARS!   She's been out there digging around,  sometimes my husband plows up dirt so it looks like a fresh dig...  Ahhh   What the heck as long as she has fun!   Dad said he doesn't have any gold...or does he....  TRICK OR TREAT! How's your family doing lately?



Level 6

That is hilarious!! Thanks for the family secret!


Level 6

Never had a trick-or-treater as long as I've lived here. I buy a bag of candy for myself!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

your dad should put some pyrite (fools gold) in those false spots, that would be a specticle


Level 6

Have a great Halloween. I will have 175-200 trick or treaters tonight.


Level 6

I live at the northern tip of the Mohave Desert in Southern Utah "SUN" Southern Utah Numismatist.


Level 6

Wow! That's alot of kids! We've lived in our house for 30 years and have yet to have 1- trick or treater... : ) We're out in the middle of the Mohave Desert and don't answer the door at night with a piece of candy... haha


Level 4

Happy Halloween, great story Kepi - Be careful of new strangers !


Level 7

I hope you have alot of water for all the treasure hunters that will show up! Think of all those people with metal detectors. They even hear a rumor and they will be there in five minutes. Happy Halloween! Thanks I like the picture to with the blog. Mike.

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