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13 Feb 2019

**Is there a Coin in that Box?**

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You know that feeling when you've won an auction or bought a coin and you're waiting patiently for it to arrive in the mail???   That was me about a month ago.  Usually I go to my P.O. Box and there it is... a little padded mailer with my treasure inside.  Imagine my surprise when I see a yellow slip instead.  I go to the postal window and my mail lady brings out this medium-sized priority box.  I'm like "What the Heck did I order?"  So I get home and open up the box then the padded mailer then the envelope and "finally" get to my auction win!  (Is there a coin in here?)  But yes, there is... A 1923 Peace Dollar graded by PCGS MS64.   It's from The McClaren Collection. Hoard owner Gerald "Jerry" Forsythe is a Midwestern entrepreneur whose investment portfolio included everything from power plants and farmland to wine vineyards and automotive racing teams.  He also collected coins. A lot of them! Over the past 30 years, Jerry amassed hoards that include tens of thousands of Buffalo nickels, Walking Liberty half dollars, and vintage silver dollars, to name a few.  His McClaren Collection pedigree (a name derived from his Mercedes SLR McLaren super sports car) adorns the PCGS label for each coin.   (Must be nice)...  haha   So packaging over-kill?   I guess not.  Better safe than sorry... the bigger the better and "not" lost in the mail haha.  Hope you enjoyed my blog!  Comments are always welcomed  ; )



Level 3

a box that big lol

that's a very nice coin! I wouldn't really think to send a coin in a box of that size, but it works!

All's well as long as the seller paid the postage.


Level 6

Great funny blog. Also informative. Just what we have come to expect from a Kepi blog. Beautiful coin. Thanks!


Level 5

Nice story. I know who Gerald Forsythe is, from his buffalo set. Did not know all the rest about him though.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Don't leave us hanging!!!


Level 5

I have seen a wide variety of packaging methods. Would much prefer yours over the other end of the spectrum. Fortunately, I have never received a damaged coin. By the way. Beautiful coin.

That was excellent purchase, it is beautiful.That was quite a big surprise in such a large box


Level 6

Nice Valentine's Day gift! Pretty coin with a good story.


Level 7

Well who's the lucky one? Congratulations on finding a coin in your mail box. I'm going to check mine now. Great story. I love to hear surprises. And a great coin . I don't get wheat cents in the mail I really enjoyed reading that. By the way that's the same packaging I use when I send my coins to NGC. The best way to ship. Great blog I love good endings!!! Thanks Mike

Christmas in February. A large Priority package is much harder to lose, drop, or steal than a small envelop. It may be Over the Top, but that is better Dropped between the Cracks.


Level 6

Nice coin, a little over kill on package.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I once had a seller send me a slabbed coin in an unpadded business envelope. The remnants of the slab (just one corner) were delivered to my mailbox in a USPS body bag. Needless to say, I got an EBAY refund. I would MUCH rather have your coins level of protection. Thanks for sharing and introducing me to a new type of slab, the McClaren Collection. HMMMMM

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