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28 Dec 2022

**Mexico Type Set**...Page 4

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Hi Fellow Numi's! Drum roll please... Here it is! The final page in Longstriders and mine "Mexico Type Set" Dansco Album! Here we have coins from 1951-1968. It includes $5 Pesos, $10 Pesos, a 1949 UNA ONZA, 1 Oz. pure silver and a $25 1968 Olympic Games. This last coin in the album was special because it came out of my Grandpas coin collection. These are all some big, heavy silver coins... Really cool to collect! I must say though we did start to get a bit confused in searching for these coins with all the different Presidents... They all began to look alike! haha It was like "Do we have this one already?" "Oh no, We bought the same coin?" "Who are all these dudes!" "Is this the same dude?"... Crazy! All joking aside I will say this was the BEST album in the world to collect! Thanks for the memories Longstrider! Now onto our next adventure! Maybe that old "Mexico Liberty Cap Peso" Album!Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcomed!


Long Beard

Level 5

There's something about old Mexican silver that has appealed to me. Nothing tones quite like it. I'm impressed by the consistency of the set you've assembled.


Level 6

Nice collection. You have a wide range of interesting coins.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Great coins!!! Thanks for sharing your collection. The Olympic and the silver items are magnificent! Fiesta for Mexico!!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Isn't it a great feeling to finish an album? I finished my two cent collection this year and trying to make a serious dent in the three cent nickel collection. Its amazing how many sets I have completed since becoming a member here. Your coins are all very attractive!!


Level 6

It was a very fun set to work on together. Cap and Rays next.


Level 7

They get better and better. This is it? You should be proud. A great set. And I like the coins allot!!

Doug S.

Level 4

Very cool collection. Well done. Regards Doug


Level 5

Beautiful awesome set. Makes me want to start a set. Well done.

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