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05 Apr 2020

**My First Pidcock Token**

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Hi everyone! Hope all is quiet on the home front and we're all taking time to enjoy our coins and collections. This is a new area of collecting for me... Pidcock's Exhibition (London) English Conder Tokens. How cool are these! Old and gnarly with great animals on them... I had to have one! ( Actually my second one is on the way even as I write this... haha) The Pidcock Exhibition was a private zoo in London that showed all kinds of exotic animals from around the world. Many Londoners had never seen such beasts before as these were imported from Asia, Africa, India, Australia and South America. The Tokens featured a animal on each side with the exception of a couple varieties. Some examples are elephants, parrots, rhinos, monkeys, lions, zebras, kangaroos, eagles and even a two-headed cow! This particular Pidcock is a 1790's Great Britain D&H-414 1/2P E: Plain NGC graded it an MS62 BN. Also note that "EXIBITION" is misspelled. These were struck in copper so the best of the best would have a deep red finish. But since my Token is about 230 years old a bit of that red has been worn off... haha To me this example is wonderful! I love the Lion ( a lot of you know I have a thing for Lions ) and the Eagle definitely has attitude! Also known in the Token collecting world as the "Crazy Bird". I hope you enjoyed my blog and this interesting new collection.


Very cool!!

C.D. Harrell

Level 4

Very interesting, imagine the shock of the zoo goers that had never seen animals such as these . Great blog!

Long Beard

Level 5

Nice! Perhaps one day in between trying to finish a series when I hit a brick wall, I'll start a collection of these to keep active. Thanks for the idea.

Every Conder Token has a great story and that's probably why their so collectable.


Level 6

What a neat token. Interesting blog.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow Kepi, that is an absolutely beautiful token. Hard to believe it is 230 years old. I love that Fierce Eagle and that majestic lion, Birds and Beast Indeed!!!!!


Level 5

Kepi, you always manage to come up with the coolest beasts whether they be bird or mammal and in this case both!


Level 5

Super cool. The Pidcock tokens are amongst my favorite conders. I've never had one with the eagle reverse.


Level 6

Beautiful...That is a weird one. I think I like these Pidcock Tokens. It's not hard to see why this is called a crazy bird. The lion is super majestic. Can't wait to see your newer one. New and 230 years old. haha! I think NGC had a bad day when they graded this one. Looks like a RB to me. Thanks Kepi. Well done and a great pick up Pidcock..🐍


Level 7

I have some knowlede of these. You have a gem. This token is sought after amonst collectors and you can count MS 66 on one hand i have two thats after years. This as a beautiful example of the workmanship that went on. They were exchanged for food and supplies. Sound familiar. ? Our civil war tokens . Tey were sent back to the family farm so they could by boots and food.. They play a very important part of our history. I love this one. Kepi had a good eye and was in the right place at the best time.i offered to buy hers mine is a MS 64. I cant afford that. Thats right. They go from 40.00 to thousands and i even saw one sell for tens of thousands. Kepi keep that beauty close to you. I know your husband. When the grader saw this he or she knew the grade rite away.Congratulations on a beautiful piece of art on copper only a couple of hundred years ago!!💪🐂🐃🐃🐰🐑🐦


Level 6

Thanks for adding some history to this Token ; ) You are our expert "Token Man" Mike!


Level 5

Awesome token. Very nice. I have been looking over medals and tokens a lot lately. Very interested in unusual and low mintage medals and tokens. Just something about having something that is kind of rare and unusual. Thanks for sharing.

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