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21 May 2018

**Not Just Another Pretty Face**

Coins-United States | Kepi

I thought I would show off my new addition to my Mercury Dime collection.  Now I told myself, cut back on the auctions...take a break.  But no...I just had to take a peek at the Dimes on one of my favorites auction houses.  There it was, a 1916 Mercury Dime with some amazing and I think unusual toning.  Graded by PCGS as a MS64  Full Bands.  Oh yeah,  this one had my name all over it!  There was a bidding war though.  About 9 people were interested but not serious...  ;  )  haha    I especially wanted this one as it has Full Bands.   I have found that there are alot of pretty Mercury Dimes out there, but not too many that have split bands as well.   Toning and Full Bands, can't get better than that...   Well, I guess it could have been a 1916 "D"......    ; )  haha    Hope you enjoyed my blog!  All comments are welcome.


The red toning is especially nice, and odd to find in the center of a coin. Coins this fine are great because you get to see how it was fresh off the press.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing Kepi. First year of issue and full bands. Doesn't get better than that.


Level 6

1st year coin, lovely toning. All this & full bands too. The pic came out great.


Level 6

Great toned pick up Kepi. I don't know where you find all these.. Very well done indeed!! Thanks!


Level 6

A nice addition to your "toned collection." Nice first year of issue.


Level 7

Anything with full bands is a homerun. As everyone knows I'm not a fan of toning buts that's my problem I would probably due better with toning. Some I almost pulled the trigger. They had a nice rainbow color. That I like. It's amazing toning I think it adds to the beauty of some coins the dime being one of them. I can imagine the beauty of your collection. How come they don't put that on the label. I mean it's natural and adds to the coin. Congratulations and thanks for sharing those pictures. Enjoy them. Mike.

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