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30 Jan 2018

** Now That's One Big Eye!**

Coins-United States | Kepi

I love these big 5 oz. Silver coins! Otherwise known as "Hockey Pucks" because of their similar sizes. This one is "American The Beautiful" 2013-P Mount Rushmore design. The series was made in conjunction with the "America The Beautiful" Quarters. The Mint produced these companion pieces in bullion in five different designs of either historic or natural significance each year from 2010 through 2021. These bullion coins are nearly identical to their smaller counterparts except for the 5 oz. weight, a 3 inch diameter, and the edge is stamped with .999 Fine Silver/5.0 ounce. The U.S. Mint produces all these coins in bullion and numismatic versions. The bullion version has a brilliant  Uncirculated  finish and does not have the "P"  mintmark. It is only sold through dealers. The numismatic version, with the mintmark has a "Burnished" or matte finish. These coins are designated Specimens (SP) by grading companies and are sold directly to the public.  This series has become very popular with collectors!  I really like mine as it is graded  PCGS SP70  First Strike and because John M. Mercanti, one of our past U.S. Mint Chief Engraver signed it.  I hope you enjoyed my blog!  I appreciate your comments!  : )



Level 6

These items make you appreciate the engraving that goes into the making of the coins. You can't really get this from a quarter.


Level 6

They are impressive. The Mt. Rushmore was the first one I saw. I purchased Arches National Park.


Level 5

I like the large format. I would like to have one with John Mercanti's signature.


Level 6

Very nice blog and great photos. I learned from you today. Thanks!


Level 7

I collect the quarters I started for three years with the five ounce and switched over. I like the set either five ounce or the regular quarter. I'm out of room! So I caught up with the quarters so I'm up to date. They are nice and I know you enjoy them . I just hope 2021 gets here soon. Good blog great shots thanks. Mike.

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