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24 Oct 2017

**Now that's what I call toning!**

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You know I'm a push over for a beautifully toned Mercury Dime. These are my favorite of all the US coinage.  So when this one came up for auction I couldn't resist.  It's a 1945- D graded MS 66.   It almost looks like full bands although the grader didn't specify that. It has an icy feeling with those blue and purple hues. It seems that for some reason there are a lot of toned Mercury Dimes dated in the 1940's.  Hope you enjoy the photo's!



Level 5

A beautiful coin. Congrats on finding it. Thanks for sharing.

coin collector

Level 4

that looks great


Level 6

Gorgeous! Toned Mercury dimes are beautiful. The obverse is stunning. Maybe this coin does have full bands...can't tell from photo.


Level 5

Blue is my favorite toned color, very nice dime!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is one of the best toning on a Merc that i have seen . it seems as though one would keep it in an ice castle and it would blend in well!!!! thanks for sharing


Level 6

That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


Level 6

That is a beautifully toned Mercury. Rich, rich colors. It does look like full bands to me too. Thank you!!


Level 7

I love natural toning on a coin. This one is beautiful. Nice grade great coin. There are only certain coins that tone nice this is one of them. Thanks for sharing the information and the pictures appreciate it Mike.

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