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03 Sep 2017

**Old Time Silver**Hand Poured Bars**

Exonumia | Kepi

In my searching for silver sites I came across Vulture Peak Mines. A small company of former miners, Veterans and silver collectors. They specialize in hand-poured silver bars and rounds...no two pieces are alike. Each one has it's own characteristics which I really liked! Nothing quite like holding a heavy chunk of silver in your hand! It's also interesting to think all of our silver coinage that we love to collect first had to come out of the mines.



Level 4

8 oz. silver very nice

coin collector

Level 4

wow thats amazing


Level 4

How cool, silver is gorgeous!!! I love that each one is different!!! :)


Level 5

I like the nostalgia that this silver bare represents. Thanks for the post and the photos.


Level 7

I like silver bars have a few. I like to hold them. Ten ounce bars of a precious metal nothing like it thanks. These ones have history behind them. Mike


Level 6

I like this! I remember silver bars available from different smelters during the silver bar craze. It's nice to own some actual metal.


Level 6

Nice blog, enjoyed it.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats cool but how exactly are no 2 alike


Level 6

By weight. They hand pour into the mold till it looks good. Weigh it and stamp it..


Level 6

Each bar is separately hand poured into a mold. Thus each one has its on different look. Not a mass production like stamping out coins. Thanks for your question Conan Barbarian! : )


Level 6

Talk about a unique buy!! Fascinating lines in the silver.. Almost hypnotic! Thanks for sharing your "secret" site!


Level 5

Well that is pretty cool. I will have to check them out.

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