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09 Mar 2018

**That's One Knarley Note, But It's My Note**

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Tonight I want to share with you from my collection the "Perfect" example of a 1901  Legal Tender $10 "Bison Note".   Friedberg No.  F-122, with the signatures of Speelman/White.  There might not be a more popular large size United States note than this series of 1901.  This note has historical appeal as well as numismatic appeal.  It was circulating during the 100 year anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  The face of the note is symbolic of the American West, with portraits of Lewis and Clark to the right and left, and a Magnificent Bison in the center.  This vignette was engraved by M.S. Baldwin. The back of the note was the work of G.F.C. Smillie and was titled "Progress".   It shows Columbia standing as a representative of agriculture.    Now, this note had been on my want list for awhile but I had been unable to find that "perfect" one for me.  In higher grade these can get really pricey, although very beautiful...no folds, tears, no fading, no character.     None really "spoke" to me.    And that brings us to my "Knarley Note".  I saw this one at auction with lots of bidders already, but I knew this is the one I had been looking for!   Graded by PCGS as a Good 4   Apparent with Edge Damage; Tape Repairs.  Old, used, torn, faded, stained and yes, taped up...This Bison had so much character and spoke of so many past adventures that it was indeed "Perfect" for me.   Hope you enjoyed my blog!  Comment's are welcomed.


Michael Marotta

Level 4

Thanks! You know, we see these in high grade and everyone likes the Buffalo, but as yours was in Good 4, I took the time to look at it. There's some interesting financial and political history here.


Level 5

Beautiful note. Nothing wrong with a well circulated coin or note.


Level 6

That is one terrific bill. It worked hard during an historic time in our history. Instead of being destroyed, it ended up with someone that loves it. Well done!! Thanks great blog!


Level 7

That is a beautiful note. It doesn't talk it sings. What a piece of American currency with a beautiful design. I've said it many times grade means nothing it s what it men's to you . That's the value. A beautiful design worthy of framing. I enjoyed the blog especially the history. Thank you for sharing all of it with us. This is how we learn. Thanks. Mike.


Level 6

This note is lovely & it has character! It went out & did its job. If you like it, that's what counts.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing. Interesting note. It has been around the block a few times.

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