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17 Apr 2018

**The Perfect Gift!**.........

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As many of you already know,  Mercury Dimes are by far my favorite U.S. Coin to collect.  Especially with any toning or color on them.  I also happen to think that I'm the luckiest girl in the world because I have a great husband who knows what I like!   ; )   This came in handy one auction evening a couple of weeks ago before our 32nd Wedding Anniversary...    As my husband discreetly viewed the Mercury Dimes on one of our favorite auction sites, he must have thought,  "This dime is the perfect gift!   No driving to stores, no shopping, no returning gifts...no Oh...you shouldn't have..."    haha    Now all he had to do was place a winning bid.   With that detail out of the way, it now resides at home in my collection.  Needless to say I love this beautiful gift and I love my husband!     So....This is a 1945-S  Mercury Dime.  Graded by PCGS as a MS65.  Gorgeous rainbow toning on the obverse and blast white on the reverse...How in the world does that happen?   Now for a fun fact...  Even in its final years, this coin had real buying power.   With a Mercury Dime in their pocket, kids in the1940s had their choice of a 52-page comic book, a double-dip ice cream cone, two Hershey bars or two bottles of Coca-Cola.     Myself,  I'd take the ice cream cone hands down!     Hope you enjoyed my blog.  Comments are always welcome.    ; )



Level 5

What a nice dime! Your husband sounds like a great guy! While my wife doesn't know what coins to buy me, she is verrrrry gracious with my coin buying habits. What a gal! Next week we're taking our yearly pilgrimage to the CSNS show in Schaumburg. While these shows are not her thing, she is very understanding. My job now is to be the kind of husband to her as your's is to you! :) P.S. we just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last summer. Congratulations on your 32nd!


Level 6

Sounds like a perfect match to me! ; ) Congratulations on your 35th Anniversary and have a great time at the CSNS Show!


Level 6

Great blog. Very good photos. It can be a real pain to get the colors to show up.. You have a beauty of a collection!


Level 6

It is great that you and your husband enjoy the hobby together. Another nice coin for your collection.


Level 5

That's a great gift. Wish my wife would think like your husband. I have even offered to nudge her in the right direction. Oh well, at least she tolerates my hobby. Congratulations on your gift.


Level 7

Well you said it all. A family who collects together stays together! It's a beauty as always. You have a wonderful set. It's great when two people collect together. Happy anniversary to you both and congratulations. Mike


Level 6

That is a beautiful coin. No wonder Mercury dimes are a fav. Love yr enthusiasm for the series.

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