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08 Apr 2019

**Ugly Toning???**

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As alot of you know I love toned coins... Well, I was at my coin dealer awhile ago and saw this wolf coin. I thought great! Toning and a wolf, two of my favorite things, so I bought it. No big deal. I put it away for awhile and recently took it out of the safe to admire and as I looked at it thought wow, this toning is butt ugly. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Kepi really? What the heck was I thinking? While I can't explain the weird toning on this coin I can tell you it's from the Royal Canadian Mint and it's the first coin in their 1oz. bullion coin Wildlife Series. It's the 2011 Silver Timber Wolf in his natural habitat. The obverse shows the profile of Queen Elizabeth ll. This series ran from 2011 to 2013 and featured 6 coins with a mintage of 1 million coins.I would like to hear anyone's comments of what they think caused such toning. Hope you enjoyed my blog!



Level 3

The wolf is cool.


Level 7

To bad you didn't live by me. The only so called coin dealer. His store is filthy. You can't see the coins under the display and he sells more cleaned than coins. That's the type Mokiechan is talking about. I was in his store for ten minutes and people.we're walking out with all sorts of cleaners. In said is this a coin store or a laundry matt. He said get out. I said no problem I have to go home and take a shower. Dealers.

If you ever get really bored drag out a bottle of Tarnex and see what it does.... At least it's bullion and not a Morgan.


Level 6

Toning does run both ways, ugly and nice. I think it is harder to find an attractive toned coin. Like your humor.


Level 4

Sometimes we take a second look and don't love a coin anymore. One of the beautiful things about our hobby is that we can always sell and buy something new. Or you can keep it as a reminder that you don't love all toning, just some, and you need to be more selective.


Level 7

Like I said toned or not toned. If you like it that's the bottom line Look how many of our coins had milk spots in the 1990's but NGC said they can remove them. I will believe that when I see it but they did announce it. Weather it's a fake tone of not has to be determined by NGC. Nothing can be done with it. . That's it. I did see the fingerprint. I was looking in the wrong place. NGC just graded a token with a finger print in two places MS 66. It's selling for 850.00 and he will get it. So i wouldn't worry about it at all. Thanks Pat.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Kepi, you need to find an old timey coin dealer that will dip it for you. It will look great, but no more toning. (: PS-Canadian Bullion Coins often have milk spots, but that toning? Maybe an attempt to artificially tone, at least they left their fingerprint for identification.


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Hi Kepi. Nice to read another of your blogs. I have seen a few of this series coin and most of them have these spots. If I only saw this one I would say, don't laugh, someone coughed or sneezed on it. Since it's on most I've seen I will go with milk spots and a big ol' finger print. Still A nice looking coin. Maybe it will continue to tone and become beautiful.. Thanks..


Level 5

"Toning is corrosion we like & Corrosion is toning we hate."


Level 7

That is one heavily toned coin. But there is a huge market for them many collectors like them. I have seen them get good prices at auctions. That's a beautiful coin tones or not. By the way the Queen is always the Obverse. She gets top billing all the time. Great blog great picture and history thanks I enjoyed it. Pat

I agree with milk spots. The fingerprint really takes a lot away on the obverse. Appears to have been mishandled at some point. Might even be a candidate for modern-day environmental damage.


Level 5

It looks like it has milk spots like on some US coins. The toning probably came from whatever it was stored in before you purchased it.

I can't really see any toning, although I do see a large fingerprint on the obverse. A good coin, and the silver and won are still there.


Level 4

That;s not that bad. I wouldn't mind having one like that as part of my collection. What did you pay for it.? ... Hey, you still have the wolf.....

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