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30 Jun 2020

**Where have all the Coins Gone?**

Coins | Kepi

Hi everyone! I ran across this flyer today and wanted to share it with my fellow "Numi's". It seems there's a bulk coin shortage out there in the land of plenty. With the Mints being closed for business while the virus is still running its course, coins are becoming hard to get in bulk, especially for businesses as you can see with this flyer! Like an old fashioned "Wanted" poster... ; ) Got Coins???



Level 4



Level 4

I think it's a bad idea to demand coins. Companies need to start buying from the Mint.


Level 5

This dang covid is making roll hunting short of impossible. I wish covid would just go away and let 2020 be! XD


Level 5

Wow. I didn’t know some businesses were getting this desperate


Level 5

Well being frugal has it's bennies. After I go through all my coins, two or three times, I roll em up. Was in AZ this month on a short road trip and this guy at a "stop & rob" begged me to sell him my extra coins. So I did, no sweat, looked em all over prior to trip. But place after place had signs that said they were short on change, one old fart was rounding up to the nearest nickel. Funny. People are unusual for sure.


Level 4

Wow, that's interesting. Sell us your coins, I wonder if they are paying a premium for them?


Level 5

I saw this featured on our local news last night. They were showing an image of a sorting machine with a bin full of freshly minted Washington dollar coins. At the end of the news clip, they showed several of the dollars stacked and the edge inscription, "In God We Trust." My guess is that the film footage for the "godless dollars" was used all over again for the story of the nationwide coin shortage. Same footage, different story. I just thought it was kind of interesting. Only a coin collector would have caught that.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have become such a debit card user and amazon buyer that if there is a coin shortage, I would never ever notice. Hope your business is able to CASH in, they should offer a 10% bonus though. (:


Level 7

No banks in N.Y. Are closed. The money shortage I don't see it in N.Y. I'm sure we will feel it. This goes back to the quarters A min to mark and Privy. Now two came out early. About four months ago. West point closed. No new quarters. We're in July and three have to be released. I figure I dump is coming all three at one time. I also feel this was caused by the West Point closing for two weeks.


Level 5

Didn't know there was a coin shortage. I have been searching quarters by putting 20 dollars in the coin machines that dispense coins for the dry cleaners or pinball games etc. Lot's of ways to search for quarters. Nice looking sign.

Long Beard

Level 5

Now what are all those people out there buying rolls of quarters hoping to become rich on EBAY gonna do?


Level 6

Where I live Garda is the armored car company of choice. I foresaw this happening after the banks basically closing at first. Then drive up only. No people inside. If you need to get into your safe deposit box make an appointment. I usually get a box of cents from my bank to roll hunt. I have stocked up on several back up boxes. I guess West Point and San Francisco mints are still closed. Not sure about Philly. Well when they start giving me odds, like three for one, I may turn some in. No I won't...Thanks, fun blog.


Level 3

No one is going to take my change!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Oh heck no! You ain't getting my coins! Lol! I haven't let change go out of my pocket for at least the last 7 or 9 years

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