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12 Jul 2022

**2022 Germania Valkyries**

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Hi everyone! I just received this gift and was so excited with it that I wanted to share with you all. This is the first release of the new 2022 Valkyries series from the Germania Mint. This will be a collection of Germanic goddesses, beautiful virgin warriors and daughters of Odin, who will carry the bravest souls that fell in battle to Valhalla. The first in the series features "Hildegard", the protector of men. She holds a Germanic spear and a shield with an image of the Fenrir wolf. A wolf accompanies her as well. The reverse shows designs of the Germania Mint double-headed eagle, Germanic runes and a howling wolf symbolizing strength and independence. This beauty is 1 oz. of 999.9 silver with a diameter of 38.61 mm. Designed by Mateusz Frackowiak and has a mintage of 25,000 worldwide. For those collectors who are into Vikings, Pagans, and all the "Old Gods" you are going to love this series! I know I'll be waiting for the 2023 design to come out! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful coin! Comments are always welcome.

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