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10 Sep 2016

Great Finds On Mercury Dimes

Coins-United States | Kepi

It's been awhile since I put up a blog so I decided to share my newest finds on one of my favorite coins...Mercury Dimes.  I bought these raw at my local coin dealer. I love toned coins so my eyes saw these even before my brain had time to realize they were in my hands, bought and on their way to their new home!   ANACS was running a special so I decided what the heck...I sent them in for fun really and waited and waited... Finally they arrived and to my excitement they were BEAUTIFUL!!!   Grading at MS67 and MS66 FSB. I was so pleased!      Has anyone ever sent in a coin for grading then went through that "stress" of wondering what it will come back as...not knowing if perhaps it's been altered, a fake, low grade or just PERFECT!!!  



Level 4

Also, could you explain what 'FSB' means? By reading the tags, I know it stands for 'Full Split Bands', but I'm not familiar with that term . . .


Level 4

Those are lovely coins with lovely toning! Congrats on both the finds and the grades!


Level 5

Great finds and congrats on the grading.


Level 5

nice.... love those bargains!

I, for some reason love the ANACS containers. The toning is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Nice coins kepi. Very beautifully toned. Yeah I went through that stress of not knowing what a TPG would do with my coin. I sent in a raw quarter Eagle gold Indian coin. Might as well start big. Anyway I was hoping for anything but fake or cleaned. It finally came back as an AU. Boy was I happy!


Level 5

66 and 67, can't beat that. I always stress when my coins are off being graded. Seem like they never like them as much as I do.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Those are beautiful, especially that MS67. Love the reverse on that one. Those are great coins. And I can understand your jitters, you were well rewarded for your "waiting" stress.


Level 7

Very good eye Kepi. That's the secret. Sometimes I go through the stress of what they will come back as but once you get them what it says were stuck with it. You did fabulous congratulations. No stores were I live wait there is one but I went there twice in years he's very nasty and very expensive. Plus he sell all the coin cleaner's so I don't need anything from him! Way to go!


Level 6

Nice find. I always like beautiful Mercury Dimes. The best I have is a MS66

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