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12 Mar 2017


Coins-United States | Kepi

I've been working on my Dansco Mercury Dime Album for awhile now and I've reached a milestone and wanted to share it with my fellow Numi's!  This is the second page all holes filled!  I decided to choose dimes that "talked" to me rather than picking out all with a  similar look or grade. Thus I have toned, blast white, full split bands, no bands...I love all my dimes!  : )      Just a note... only 8 empty holes on page one!  : )



Level 5

nice set; now get all of the key date coins:)


Level 4



Level 5

Almost there. Great milestone. They look like you took your time collecting them.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That is super nice, Kepi. Really very beautiful. I will have to show these photos to my friend who loves Mercs. Well done, very well done.


Level 6

Beautiful set. Keep up the good work. I like your concept of coins that talk to you. I know just what you mean. Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

Verry Cool Dood - Good Job There - It is coming together there quite nicely


Level 5

Very nice. Mercury Dimes are one of my favorites. My book has been stuck with about 5 openings remaining for quite a while.


Level 7

That's the way to do it. Collect what you want not what some so called expert tells you. I love it I think it has character you have a nice set there. Just wait when you fill that last hole.l


Level 6

Mercury dimes make such a nice set. Well done! The 1936 looks beautiful.


Level 6

Interesting concept about coins that "talk to you"

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

nice work i probably only have 8 mercury dimes myself


Level 4

Oooooh, what a nice set! :D

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