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25 Sep 2017

Mother Nature on Coins... " Bee " Happy

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This is a 2017   99.99%  pure Silver $20 Dollar piece from our neighbors to the north, the Royal Canadian Mint.  Titled  "Mother Nature's Magnification Beauty Under the Sun".    Now normally I wouldn't be interested in a colorized coin although some have really cool designs, but this one has special meaning. My Husband and I are bee-keepers and for my birthday he surprised me with this beautiful coin!    The artist is Alexandra Lefort who features a bumble bee on a sunflower in a mountain meadow in western Canada. It has a  3-D "dew-drop" which reveals a detailed diorama of the bee's ecosystem. The obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by artist Susan Blunt.  I love Bees, Sunflowers and Silver...  What's not to like, this coin has it all!   ;  )    Would any of you, my fellow collectors ever consider buying a colorized coin?  



Level 4

Coins are works of art!


Level 6

Interesting coin. Canada produces some nice coins.


Level 6

It's a beautiful piece, if you could call that a coin. I wouldn't touch colorized coins. They are made for people who collect such things & not real coins.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is amazing and try using that in circulation !!!


Level 7

What a pleasure to read a wonderful blog on coins. That's a beauty. Very nice pick up Kepi. I'm also not a fan of colorized coins but this is very nice thanks for telling us about it. Mike.

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