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11 Oct 2017

Now that's a Dimple!

Exonumia | Kepi

This is one impressive NGC slab!  Measuring  6"x 8" and holds a  2010  5 oz. Silver 25 cent piece. The design features one of America's National Treasures... Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.  With Old Faithful and a Buffalo, two icons of Yellowstone on the reverse and George Washington on the obverse.  This one has been graded a MS 69 DPL     "Dimple'".    Which means Deep Mirrored Proof-Like or you can clearly see 6 to 8 inches of a clear reflection in the field.    This coin is perfect for my collection... I love Buffalo's,  America and lots of Silver!



Level 4


coin collector

Level 4

looks great


Level 6

That's a great blog and fantastic coin. I am looking for the Mt. Rushmore one for my wife..Shh. Don't tell her.. Thanks!!!


Level 6

I'm a big fan of buffalo on US coins. That is a lovely, well-made piece.


Level 5

I still don't have any of the 5 oz quarters. The Delaware Everglades one is on my wish list because I grew up near there. That is a nice buffalo.


Level 6

That is a hefty size slab.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

what stunning detail it has and it is so reflexive that you can see a reflection of the letters! amazing!!!!


Level 7

They are big i will give you that. I like some of them. Five ounces of silver can't go wrong with that. I started in 2011 I think and gave up they were great but at that time very expensive. Enjoy it I know you will I like silver also. Great choice in Yellowstone. Beautiful place and I like the DPL grade that does hurt either. Lots of luck with it. Mike.

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