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09 Jul 2016


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After the auction closed this is exactly what I said to my husband.   "You bought what!  How much do we owe?"  Now keep in mind I've always wanted the coveted 1916 D Mercury Dime...as Mercury Dimes are my thing and that year was always just a dream.  But there it was, a reality come true... an invoice from Great Collections in our e-mail  : )      After all was said and done, with the coin in my hand...I thought she's beautiful !!!  My husband is amazing, my hero and as I later found out quite the bidder.  He sniped this beauty at less than half of what it's worth in the Red Book.  All is good.....    : )


What a great purchase. I'm so glad so got such a great find. Thanks for the interesting news

That's a great price for a key date!


Level 5



Level 4

Great coin. Nice buy.


Level 5

That is funny! also great buy by your husband and a beaut!!!


Level 5

Definitely congratulations are due. The key coins are costly, but the pride of owning one and such a piece of history makes it priceless. Way to go!


Level 5

Congratulations. This is one of my dream coins also.


Level 5

Looks like a great get. Congrats!


Level 6

Beautiful beautiful coin. Definitely the key to the series. I have found Great collections to be a really great place to bid on coins. Can't beat their buyers premium of 10 %. Keep up the sniping!!


Level 7

Well it's nice to get some good news! Good for you you deserve it. Good thing's come to those who wait. I think you'll be taken your husband out to dinner a couple of times. Good man and a great coin. Do you want to sell it? Only kidding. You enjoy that coin everyday. Good job sniping by you husband. Congratulations and the best of luck to both of you. Mike

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