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27 Sep 2017

Zentangle Art* "The Great Grey Wolf"

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Wolves...What's not to love!  This is a 2017  $30 Fine Silver Coin from The Royal Canadian Mint.   A diameter of 50 millimeters and weight of 2 troy ounces. The artist of this wolf is Jori van der Linde. This style combines multiple abstract patterns in an intricate design within the wolf itself. The obverse designed by Susanna Blunt of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  It has a mintage of 4000 and a beautiful Proof finish! I hope you can see all the detail of this coin in my photo's, it's really an amazing piece!



Level 7

Well as I always do I go back to read the comments. When I look at the detail of the fur of that beautiful animal there's no doubt it was worth the purchase. His eyes everything about it makes it look like the designer had that wolf in front of them. Thanks again for sharing a very beautiful coin. Mike

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a great design for a great animal


Level 6

This is one beautiful COIN! You don't have to collect them. Canada does make a lot of these coins. That's because they sell. Most people would consider them bullion. Do the people that don't think this is a coin feel the Silver American Eagle or Gold, is a coin? After all it's just bullion. I find nothing wrong with buying and enjoying bullion coins that I like. No offense to anybody that doesn't like them... Thanks Kepi!! Great blog!


Level 6

Photo is beautiful. But is this a real coin? I agree with Sun, Canada makes way too many of these "collector" pieces.


Level 4

do you think they will ever change the obverse ? - i bet there would be more collectors if that changed


Level 7

I like some of there designs but watch sometimes they sell alot of half ounce coins. I almost got stuck. They do make beautiful coins this one is very nice. Mike.


Level 6

Canada has sine nice designs. But I feel way too many offers for the collectors.

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