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14 Jan 2018

Las Vegas Coins

Coins | KyleT-Smith

Hey ANA coin Community,
I'm heading to Las Vegas this February for a soccer tournament, and I was curious to know your opinions on numismatics places I should visit there. Such as cool coins shops, a Numismatics museum, etc. 
Thanks for your thoughts,


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

there are some coin shops in the area and i know Pawn Stars has a lots of coins in their shop


Level 6

I think there are a couple of coin shows going on in Feb. in Las Vegas. Check CKShows.com for information. These are usually smaller shows and are really fun! Have a great time!


Level 6

Too bad you can't take a side trip to Carson City.


Level 6

Check for shows. They have a lot of smaller ones there.


Level 5

Kyle, there are a bunch of places in and around Vegas. I don't remember the names but a google search will give you dozens of results. Of course the world famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (Pawn Stars) is close to the strip and they usually have numismatic items.


Level 7

Hi Kyle. Hope everything is going well. I don't live there so I wouldn't know. I would try the ANA they know when the shows are and where. Hope you have a good time. Mike.

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