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24 Mar 2016

100th Anniversary of the National Park Service 2016 $5 Gold Uncirculated Coin

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   I just placed my online order for the National Parks gold Commemorative coin from the US Mint. After all the problems and complaints the mint has received in its recent releases I am happy to say this was a "no problem experience". I was in and out in two minutes. I know! Hard to believe but the entire order from sign in to completion, took 2 minutes! I hope they can keep this up. I don't purchase a lot from our mint, but I do some ordering and this was a pleasant surprise. It looks like now is the time to order. Or you can go to eBay and pay about $100 more!!! I should have said I wrote this blog 20 minutes after the Mint made this coin available.



Level 5

Cool! I didn't even know of this coin!


Level 5

I just love how the reverse looks!


Level 4

I got the Proof Half Dollar of the NPS commemoratives. Can't afford the gold, being a YN and all.


Level 6

This is a great design and it's really beautiful in gold!


Level 5

Nice purchase. It is one of the better designed coins from the mint lately!


Level 4

Congratulations. A real beauty.


Level 7

Congratulations on you pick up its assume. Wait till you get it home! Good for you. You lucky you didn't buy the 2016 high relief gold dollar piece. Coin world just sent me a n e mail. The new gold coin graded 70 and 69 only in a very limited amount. Because of the mint's packaging 630.00 graded 3 to 5 poins lower. When they put the coin down it rocked back and forth. The packaging caused scratches on the coin. The sad part they still have to grade all those sent in. The price of a 69 or 70 will be out of this world. I left a blog on the numismatic news! This has to be the biggest mess they ever created. Just got the message one hour ago. They also found problems with the2015 one tenth gold coin. The reeding is screwed up! I couldn't believe the pictures. Your the lukey one today my friend. Like I said enjoy it it's beautiful. Tell me about it when you get it home!

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