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25 Oct 2017


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Today I'd like to share with you one of my more colorful Morgan Dollars. It happens to be a 1881-O graded MS 62 by NGC. "O" mintmarked Morgans are some of my favorites. They seem to tone nicely. As you can see, this piece has all the colors of the rainbow on the reverse with gold color seeping around the obverse. It appears a piece of tape was put across this Morgan at some point. Most likely to hold it in an album. Interestingly, the coin began toning under the tape. I find specimens like this fascinating! This particular Morgan also has a nicer than average striking for "O" mintmarks. It even has nice defined breast feathers on the eagle. Not seen a lot on New Orleans strikes! With a mintage of 5,708,000 it is pretty common. In closing, I feel the strike and unusually toning make this otherwise common date Morgan noteworthy. As you can see from these photos, I would always opt for scratch resistant TPG slabs.  Thanks for looking and, hopefully, commenting!

Sourced:2017 Redbook


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the coin has some pretty nice toning, thanks for sharing


Level 4

It is interesting how the toning is dominant on the reverse & not so much on the obverse - Nice get Strider


Level 6

Thanks. Nice to hear from you!!


Level 4

I like Morgans!


Level 6

New Orleans Morgans definitely do not get the love they deserve! That is a beauty. I once owned a gorgeous 1883-O with rainbow toning, pulled from a junk box.


Level 5

Nice looking coin. Some people like toning and some do not. It comes down to your eye appeal and what you like. Great find.


Level 6

That's really beautiful! I love to see odd toning like that on coins...cool pattern!


Level 6

Nice colors. Nice job on photographing the coin.

coin collector

Level 4

love the blog, that is my favorite type of coin


Level 5

Nice coin and excellent strike from a branch mint that is known for weak strikes due to a slightly wider die spacing.


Level 7

Great blog! Morgan's are one of those coins I talked about in Kepis blog they tone well it's a beauty of a coin and a nice low mintage. I also like the non scratching holders. Thanks for t he work and great shots. Mike.

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