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11 Jan 2017

1882-O Vam-29A Super CD Morgan

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For your consideration I have a 1882-O Morgan Silver Dollar that is also a Super CD VAM 29-A. The Super CD simply means it is part of a collection of 25 VAM dollars that have "Clashed Dies". I'm not going to go anymore into the Super CD part. You can find out all about it on the site listed below. The 1882-O VAM 29-A means the coin has doubled date, clashed obverse G & first T and clashed reverse M. There is also the beginning of some toning starting to happen on both surfaces. I have included 2 pictures from the listed web site to help show the die crack and clashed G. It's is hard to see in the photos of my coin without the use of a loupe. The coin is graded AU 58 by ANACS. Some people shun non mint-state coins. Personally I find the an AU is often more pleasing to the eye. My eye anyway and that's the one I care about. I was lucky enough to win this coin on an internet auction. I can highly recommend these auctions as a good way to see and purchase coins. Some companies do have a high after auction premium so be careful and read the terms. Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoy this coin as much as I do.

Sources: www.vamworld.com 


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I like this blog. Nice coin too. Thanks for writing in such a clear and explanatory fashion. I really enjoyed it.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

good eye and nice coin


Level 7

Very good John any Morgan is a good Morgan and you do have a good eye. Some of the auction houses d o have a high premium the Newmismatic News had an article a buyer bought a piece the winning bidder was 3000 he got his bill for 3400. I guess It's the coin your bidding on. I know collectors like yourself are smart with these and do very well keep up the good work and bring those beauties home.


Level 4

Nice New Add On To Your Holdings Strider ! Auctions are good fun & you picked up a nice one - Thanks !


Level 6

This Morgan has great eye appeal! And a Vam too! Nice addition to your collection!

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