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15 Aug 2017


Paper Money-U.S. | Longstrider

Having decided to branch out into paper currency, has open up a whole new world for me. There is a lot of studying and research to do before buying anything. Lucky I love research and the knowledge it brings. It also is giving me a new look at history. This is the second note I took a chance on my new found knowledge and bid on and won a raw note! So far I have done pretty well on both. This is a Large Size,. Series of 1899 One Dollar Silver Certificate. Commonly called a horse blanket due to it's size. This particular design is called the Black Eagle Note. Official name of vignette is Eagle of the Capitol. A vignette is an ornamental element of a bank note. This particular note is a Fr#233. The Fr stands for Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg. He is the Breen of paper money. Each type of currency has a different number due to changes on it. In this case the number 233 denotes the two signatures on it. They are, here, Tehee and Burke. The Friedberg number can make a huge difference in price on the same style note. This note came back from PMG, the paper money arm of NGC, as a 30 Very Fine EPQ. The EPQ stands for Exceptional Paper Quality. The 30 means the note will be lightly circulated and may have light soiling. There will typically be seven to ten folds. I won this note at auction and paid a modest price for it. Even taking in the cost of grading, I did alright. I'm having a ton of fun with this new interest in Numismatics. I recommend that you take a look at it. Most people collect either coins or paper money, not both. I say try it all! Thanks for looking and I look forward to your comments!

Sources: A Guide Book of United States Paper Money 5th Edition by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg,  2016 Whitman Publishing



Level 6

Older currency is beautiful. Don't forget the Educational Notes. I may learn more abt currency yet.


Level 6

Thanks for the comment. Believe me, I haven't forgot them. Just as soon as I find a deal or get rich, they will be up here.. Thanks again!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that note is an absolute beauty


Level 5

Great note. The only paper I really collect is colonials from the state I was born in.


Level 6

That's a beaut Longstrider! Congrats on the new note and the new interest! : )


Level 4

Nice Job Strider & Nice Looking Note !


Level 6

Nice, enjoy your new collecting field. Hopefully, it is rewarding!


Level 7

I like t hem a lot. I am lucky to own one. You have good information and knowledge of this one. Great blog better note can't beat that combination. Mike.


Level 5

Very cool! I have a limited, very narrow focus when it comes to paper money (particularly National Bank Notes from the birthplaces of relatives and educational, Hawaii notes, etc.). That said, who knows how I'll branch out in the future! Congratulations on picking up a quality note!


Level 5

It is always exciting to step out in to a new area of collecting. Keep having fun!!

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