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12 Oct 2016

1903 Indian Head Cent

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   I would like to show all this example of a 1903 Indian Head Cent. I won this one at a little known, at the time, auction. It is now well known. No more great deals. My photos don't do the colors justice on this cent. It has a beautiful warm, bright shade of red/brown! It's not a rare year as about 85,092,703 regular circulation strike coins were made. I wasn't looking to collect Indian Head cents when I saw this one but I go for what I like and I really like this one. Now I keep my eye out for nice Indian pennies when I see them. Collect what you like and you won't get tired of your sets!! Thanks for looking!



Level 2

Very very beautiful Indian cent, I have a few myself ungraded that are around that nice but not as close. This is truly stunning thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Lovely coin. A choice Indian cent is something to be proud of, & it's obvious you are pleased with this coin! I hope you find more Indian cents that are just as nice!


Level 5

The mintage is high, but the population for high grade red coins is low. A truly nice coin!


Level 4

really nice looking coin - in that grade, it is almost totally clean , no problems - a fortunate find indeed - some of those small auctions have some real treasures !


Level 5

That is a beauty, a common date, maybe, but that's a rare coin!


Level 7

I read your last sentence again. It's a very true statement collect what you want and you won't get tired of you sets. Well said!

Great looking coin! Very nice photos too. The Indian Head Cent is my favorite cent. Thanks for sharing.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I showed your picture to two people yesterday, everyone was in awe Beautiful coin, thanks for sharing it. Really amazing!


Level 5

Great coin. I love Indian cents but none of mine are as nice as this.


Level 6

It's beautiful! Perfect looking! Great find! : )


Level 6

Beautiful coin. I really like a good looking Indian Cent.There is a national club, The Fly-In Club has a great publication


Level 7

I see the beauty you picked up. I love them in red with liberty and a nice clean shield on the obverse just like the one you have! Enjoy it!

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