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14 Apr 2018


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   VAM man is back from the almost dead. Today I have a favorite type VAM for you. This is a 1923 Peace Dollar VAM 1F Chin Bar. It happens to be graded a nicely toned MS 62. I believe it deserves the star "*" or plus "+" for extra eye appeal but what can you do. I personally would photo grade this a MS 63. Maybe I'm biased. This Peace Dollar exhibits nice toning growing from around the edges. Blues, gold and peach are all present. Just as it should progress naturally. It is mostly on the obverse and edge but it is coming up the reverse nicely. The fields are very clean. Absent most contact marks. There is plenty of original mint luster. The reverse eagle is beautiful. High points crisp and sharp. In the VAM world, this coin as a VAM 1F is in the TOP 50. That is a made up number of different VAM's that we, VAM collectors, try to acquire as a goal. All need to be visible with the naked eye. The 1F designation refers to a normal obverse die with a vertical bar die gouge that runs from Liberty's chin just to the right of the letter "D" in GOD all the way down to the "1" in "1923". Peace Dollars, in general, were designed by Anthony de Francisci using his young wife Francesca as the model for Miss Liberty. They were issued from 1921-1935 with no issues in 1929-1933. They were minted in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. They are 38.1 mm in diameter and weigh 26.73 grams of .900 silver. They also have a reeded edge. Luckily for me, Peace Dollars are an underrated coin by most collectors. I am always on the lookout for another VAM TOP 50 to add to my hoard!! Thanks for looking. Please feel free to comment.



 2017 Red Book

 Making the Grade 2005



Level 6

Vam Man is back! Beautiful Peace Dollar especially with that toning! I always look forward to your Vam Varieties! Thanks for the research and photo's!


Level 6

Nice coin. Hadn't heard of this variety. Always something new in the filed of varieties.


Level 5

Good to see a new blog from you. I always learn something new.


Level 6

Good to see you back. Nice blog!!!!


Level 7

Sand collectors will read it and learn something. They have a great opportunity and they let it go. I picked something up I'm very happy. Sorry about the printing I dropped the tablet. The two go together. Thanks again Mike.


Level 7

Great blog. Love that history. It looks like it should higher. Great shots and another great blog. Thanks for writing this today. Not that out of thirteen thou

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