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21 May 2018


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Today I would like to share a unique auction win that just about finishes off my tax refund splurge. I have some difficulty in getting info on this coin but I will do my best. Below are the photos of my new 2013 New Zealand $1. It is part of New Zealand's tribute to Maori art in the form of a Koru. I am going to touch lightly on the significance of this legend in the Maori religion. It is very rich and I recommend anyone interested to research it further. This coin represents the Koru as the unfurling of the silver fern fond. The Koru is a symbol used to represent creation and an ever changing life that somehow remains the same. The Tane-Mahuta, also shown on the reverse, is the god of man forests. Creating the world of light. I apologize to any mistakes I wrote here. The obverse of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by here name and the date and "NEW ZEALAND'. The specs of this coin are as follows. It is one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. It is about the same diameter of a Morgan Dollar, 38 mm.. The mintage was only 2000 pieces. This particular coin is a beautiful PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO. NGC has only graded three of these coins. One higher and one lower than mine. With such a low mintage I feel lucky to have won it. Personally I never saw one before and enjoy gazing into all the patterns of curls and swirls. Thanks for looking. Please feel free to comment.



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Level 5

Very informative blog. I don't buy many modern coins unless they really speak to me. This one is really nice. I will have to be on the look out for one.


Level 6

That's a beauty with a good story behind it. Don't hear much abt NZ coins, like Mike said, & that's too bad. There are some historical coins out there.


Level 6

Interesting design. Thanks for the informative blog.


Level 6

Beautiful coin! Loved the history! The design would make a wild looking tattoo! Thanks for sharing ! ; )


Level 7

A very beautiful coin. But better than that is the history. I never saw one and thanks for putting this up. It to bad the thirteen thousand here won't read and learn something. Sorry it's my opinion. It's a great blog we don't get to see coins from that part of the world. Thanks I picked something up and that's a win win. If in see one I will know what I'm looking at and why it's made. That's why we're here. Great job. Thanks again .Mike.

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