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01 May 2015

2015 United States Marshals Service 225 Anniversary

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Here are some pictures of an anniversary gift my wife gave me. Kind of fitting as they are for the 225 anniversary of the U.S. Marshals Service. The first one is a 2015 One Dollar Silver Proof. Included is the OGP, Original Government Packaging. The next coin is the Proof Clad Half Dollar in the same Commemorative Program. Also with the OGP. I really like cowboy coins! Goes well with Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars.

Do I have the best wife or what??



Level 6

That is an interesting coin that does not get the publicity it deserves.


Level 5

Nice design on the coins. Maybe one day I will own one.


Level 7

That was a beautiful design. Thank you for the picture that helps a lot.


Level 5

The new march of dimes dollar and two dimes set took off as I thought it would. Few days and on back order till August 14.


Level 5

I've never seen these before! That is one of the few modern commemoratives that I would consider buying.



Level 4



Level 6

I like these coins as well, however, I don't care for the woman depicted on the half dollar. I agree with Juno as to what she represents. I do love the reverse though.

Juno Moneta

Level 4

I like these coins, especially the $5 gold's design. The Marshall on the $1 is very nice too but they included the forward element of a woman who's significance is unknown. I'm waiting to find out who or what she represents. Her dress appears unconventional. It's also nice the see Justice again too.

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