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22 Dec 2018


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My newest edition is the Perth Mint 2018 Wedged Tailed Eagle. Mine is graded by NGC as a Proof 70  Ultra Cameo in a John Mercanti signed slab. Mr. Mercanti was our mints 12th. Chief Engraver. The coin is one ounce of 0.9999 pure silver. It is stamped in High Relief on a concave planchet. Its diameter is 32.6 mm and has a denomination of $1 Australian. It has a reeded edge. There is a total mintage of 10,000 coins. My coin happens to be # 3667.

   This design is the 5th in the series of wedged tailed eagles. The reverse features a trio of the birds. In the foreground is a mother bird bending over her chick in the nest, which looks up at her. Beyond her, the male is shown flying back to their nest. The design has the inscription “AUSTRALIAN WEDGED-TAILED EAGLE” and 2018 1 oz 9999 SILVER. Also is the P mintmark for Perth.

   The obverse is done by Ian Rank-Broadley. It features her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait. Around it is the lettering “ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA and 1 DOLLAR. The coin came with nice OGP (original government packaging) and a beautiful presentation box and a COA (certificate of authenticity).

   I have wanted this coin for the entire year and was lucky enough to receive it as a birthday gift. I hope everyone enjoys this blog and the photos. Please feel free to comment. Thanks..



Perth Mint


Nice presentation box and signed slab.


Level 5

I really like this design. The Mercantile signature is a nice bonus.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Happy Birthday!!!! That is a beautiful coin. I think the high relief makes it just pop, even in a photo. Thank you for sharing, you may have sent me down a new collecting path. (:


Level 6

Happy belated. Wonderful gift. I'm a bird lover & would love 1 of these. Didn't Mercanti work for the Franklin Mint?


Level 4

Beautiful coin! Really nice. Congratulations! Jim


Level 6

Nice addition to y our collection. Nice gift.


Level 6

Wow! Someone must really love you! ; ) Happy Belated Birthday Longstrider! That's a beautiful coin indeed. It's great that there's a new design for every year. Enjoyed your blog and photos!


Level 7

It is a beautiful coin. One they did real nice. Just to hold it and look at the beautiful bird will make you smile. That was a nice birthday gift. Glad someone was thinking of you. Happy birthday many more and many more coins. Thanks for the blog. That's also a great mint. Thanks for the pictures there impresive. Let me add on they also make these in two ounces. Mike

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