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12 May 2020


Coins | Longstrider

Thought I would let all know that the grading company ANACS is open again. They are currently running a special on Buffalo Nickles. Unless I am mistaken, that is all three of the main TPG companies back taking submissions. Good luck everyone!



Level 4

Not a huge favorite of ANACS...Just because I think the slab is a little ugly. Their prices are really nice though and you do not have to have a membership to submit. It would be cool to go into a grading companies headquarters and see how it is done and what happens in there!


Level 4

Good for them, I am sure they are happy to get back to work!


Level 5

That's good to hear. I have a friend that works for them. I'm sure that will make him happy. He had sent in a lot of submissions for people that were just sitting there waiting for work to start up again.


Level 6

ANACS is a favorite of mine too! Good prices and a nice looking slab. Thanks for the info Longstrider!


Level 7

Im happy for all those who use them. They serve a great service on varities. Good luck everyone.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I used there 10 for $110 special at the Fall Pan Show, that price included return shipping and insurance so an amazing deal..


Level 5

Like ANACS because they attend coin shows. Also, I like to submit coins to ANACS that otherwise wouldn't get slabbed. Makes great gifts also. Get that special coin graded and then gift it. Price is right.

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