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17 Mar 2018


Tokens | Longstrider

Today I have a new token acquisition. As you can see below, it is a 1795 Great Britain Halfpenny. I like to collect tokens and coins with bee hives or Druids on them. This token has both. Nice find if I do say so myself. I’m very new to tokens so all mistakes are mine. The Obverse,?, shows a druid head facing right. Around the edge is written CURRENT IN THE COUNTIES OF. It has the date, 1795, below the Druid. The reverse has a old world style beehive in the center with bees flying around it. The hive is sitting on a stand on some grass. Around the edge is written INDUSTRY HAS IT’S SURE REWARD. There is what looks like a flower in the center edge. Around the outside rim is inscribed: CAMBRIDGE BEDFORD . AND HUNTINGDON . X . X

   The token is from Chambrideshire County and is a D&H 12 E. It was manufactured by Kempson and engraved Wyon. These gentlemen were two of the best die sinkers of their time. I would rate this token as a VF. It’s diameter is 29 mm.. Both images of this token are fairly common. The are seen in many different tokens and variations. I hope you enjoyed this blog. I should also mention that I bought this token from a dealer in Australia. It really really has been around the world. Please feel free to comment and correct my mistakes. Thanks for looking.



Mike Burn—ANA Member

The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century--By R. Dalton and S.H. Hamer--1910



Level 7

Actually they started on a farm in Kent. The I.T token was made I don't have my book with me but it was in the 1760's the ones at the mine were used because they had more employees. There are also others before that. You had P.Kempson making them long before 1795 and others also way before that including the mine. The Provinical Token-and Coinage of The 18th Century by Dalton and Hammer..

Michael Marotta

Level 4

For background on the explosion of merchant tokens ("provincial tokens") in the 1790s, see _Good money: Birmingham button makers, the Royal Mint, and the beginnings of modern coinage, 1775-1821_ by George A Selgin (Independent Institute ; London and Oakland, 2011.) The "Druids" of Angelesley, Wales, Parys Mine, actually started it all in 1787. We call them "Conders" after first comprehensive catalog by James Conder. See (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Conder) ANA member club: Conder Token Collectors Club at http://www.ctcc.info/


Level 6

I love this! Great design & I like the motto. I might try to find 1 myself.


Level 6

Great blog and photo's Longstrider! I like this new area of collecting. Love the Druid too! Thanks for all your research!


Level 7

I thank you for my name but you did the work. You did the research and the blog and the pictures. Thank you for sharing. . More collectors seem to be getting involved. That's what I like. These are beautiful and people should know there out there. It's called spreading the word. Thanks. Mike.


Level 5

I like the druids too. I have a few of them but none with a bee hive. Thanks for taking the time to write.


Level 6

Nice addition to your collection.

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