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11 May 2017


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I have a little experiment going on here in regards to toning I'd like to share. I purchased this raw 2011 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf from my coin dealer. I really enjoyed the look of the toning it has. I have had this in a manila envelope a bit more than a year. I keep it on a window sill that receives a lot of sun. I can see just a tiny bit of the toning growing. There is no sulfur in the envelope, so I don't feel I'm cheating, much. I just want to see if the toning progresses as I was taught at Summer Seminar..I have no idea who scratched at the obverse. Perhaps their own experiment. The Maple Leaf is a one ounce pure silver, .9999, coin that is almost as popular as our Silver Eagle. It can be a nice addition to any bullion collection. I can recommend the Royal Canadian Mint for anyone to check out. They have quite a few new, innovated coins for sale. Thanks for looking and any comments you might have. I'll get back with new photos in about a year!



Level 5

I hope it works! It already looks beautiful!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I hope it turns out beautiful. More so than it already is.


Level 6

It's fun to experiment seeing how the metals will react to different environments! That must be the scientist in us...haha : ) Beautiful coin and toning as well!

I like to leave inexpensive foreign coins outdoors to see how they tone. Nice to know I'm not the only one.


Level 5

Nice toning. Especially on Leaf side. Envelope maybe sulfur-free but almost everything else in the environment is not, wood and paint on the window, the drywall paper and even air "pollutants" like fumes from cooking. I hope you get some interesting results.


Level 6

Toning might grow in the year to come. I heard of someone who tossed a silver coin in a drawer, forgot abt it, then found it. Had beautiful purple toning.

I agree with "SUN" that it's an interesting experiment. I wonder if you'll see some colors develop in the near future. I guess only time will tell.


Level 6

Interesting experiment

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a very beautiful love how the words are highlighted by the discoloration


Level 7

That's the first time I heard of someone trying to tone a coin. I heard they do it but this is the first I have seen it. Doesn't look like a lot b Utah it is happening. Perhaps if you left the envelope open it would occur taste r. Nice experiment. I hope it turns out nice for you. Mike.

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