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06 May 2015

Cinco de Mayo plus One

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This is part of a collection of Mexican coins I have that should have been up yesterday in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I first saw these at the coin shop I frequent and purchased one as I love toned coins. When I got it home and started to study it in greater detail I noticed it is a 1892 eight reales. That means it's a "Piece of Eight". The coin of every old time treasure movie. I fell in love the designs on these historic coins and decided to get more. They aren't to expensive so I try to get one every other visit or so to the coin store. There are some very nicely toned ones which I have a hard time resisting! It might pay off to check out some foreign coins when you get a chance even if you don't collect them. You might see something you like!



Level 7

Great looking coins. I once saw a roll of coins from Mexico. They were in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I know these great guys who of course are Mexican. So I decided to hand t hem out. They were so happy. One of the best decisions I made. I wouldn't give your coins away. There beautiful.


Level 4

Beautiful toning. Very nice coins.


Level 5

Very nice. Quite a find!


Level 5

Nice coins.....if you don't mind, how much were these, because I think I may start collected a few of them.


Level 6

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. They are not too expensive. I go for nice toning. I haven't paid more than $30.00 for any of them. Good luck!


Level 5

Those are some nice samples. I do not buy foreign coins, so I think I have 3 mexican coins. Oh, well! I would rather have a wonderful collection to display on July 4!


Level 4

Nice! I like the cap and rays.


Juno Moneta

Level 4

Some of the ones you're showing are known as "Cap and Rays" - I love them too! One way to collect them is to start by getting one form each Mexican mint that struck them.


Level 6

Wow! Where's the Margaritas Longstrider! haha Those are some gorgeous coins!!! Gotta love Mexico!!!

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