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15 Nov 2017


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Below are photos of my new, just won at auction, 1907-20 centavos silver Mexican coin. The specs of this beauty are as follows. On the obverse is the National Coat of Arms with the eagle facing forward, head to right, as we are looking at it, above a spray of oak and laurel leaves. Above everything is the legend ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS, "United states of Mexico". On the reverse, which most people think is the obverse, is a radiant cap of Liberty with the word "LIBERTAD" on it. Below the cap, within the rays, is the denomination 20 centavos. Below that is the word CENTAVOS and the date 1907. All this is enclosed in an open wreath of oak and laurel leaves. The mintmark "M", Mexico City, is below and between the digits of the denomination. The coin has a diameter of 22 mm and a reeded edge. It has a thickness of  1.1 mm and weighs 5.0 g of 80 5 silver.  the KM number is 435. This coin was made after the Reform Act of 1905 and was made in 9 basic types. You get to look it up! This style coin was minted from 1905-1913. I feel very lucky to have won this beautifully toned silver Mexican coin. It has an amazing history, as most Mexican coins do..If one is looking for a new variety of coins to study and or collect I recommend these Mexican/Spanish American coins. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and photos. I look forward to your comments. Thanks again!!
Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money-Volume 2-Modern Coins of Mexico, 1905 to Date-by Don and Lois Bailey-Whitman Publishing-2015



Level 6

What a beauty!!! Your Mexican coin collection must be amazing! Love the toning too!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very beautiful coin. thanks for sharing

coin collector

Level 4

very neat


Level 5

Mexico has some classic designs. A nice type set is something to behold.

If someone assembled a set of coins from different nations using the 20 centavo/cent denomination I bet they would have a very interesting set at the end.....


Level 6

You have one beautiful coin. I am a fan of the Liberty cap on coinage. If I am not mistaken, Mexico did it 1st.


Level 4

Nice grab Strider - Good info too ?


Level 7

Very nice another great pick up. I like some toned coins some tone terrible yours I think because we're you are tone nicely. Your sharp are auctions great buys at them as we have seen from you. Thanks for the history of these beauties. Mike.


Level 6

Congratulations . Nice addition to "toned" collections!

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