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23 Jul 2014

Photo Posts

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I have a question. Does anyone know what a good size for a photo to be posted here?? I'm looking for a minimum and maximum pixel size.

Thanks everyone!



Level 5

I wish I had that morgan dollar.


Level 5

I do 1980 x 1080 pixels.


Level 6

Not sure of the size...just wanted you to know I think this is a beautiful Morgan and a nice photograph!


Level 6

Thanks. I think I'll experiment and see what happens.


Level 6

I was told by the head people here, that a size of 1000 px wide and 72 dpi. is the way to go. Seems to work. Thanks!


Level 4

I think I'm seeing dynamic resizing working on the site. It almost seems "size doesn't matter" like it always had in other matters, despite what you might have heard.


Level 4

Testing comment area, love the photo! Super colorful.

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