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17 Sep 2014


Coins | Longstrider

I've struggled to take nice, clear photos of coins. Silver coins seem especially dificult. They can quickly become mirrors. I'm now using a Nikon Coolpix. For close-ups I have rigged up a device to use my OLD binocular microscope. It invloves the macro setting on my camera and a toilet paper tube. Don't laugh it works pretty well. Here's a photo of my set-up less camera and an example of what it can do on a Morgan Dollar. The black spot is an artifact of the microscope. Like I said, it's old.

   What is everybody else using? Also what software do you use to edit the pix?



Level 4

Looks intricate.


Level 6

Hey...Looks like this works for you!!! You always post great photos!!!


Level 5

The camera on the iPhone takes really good pictures of coins.


Level 5

I have a nice camera stand with two lights mounted on the stand, A Nikon SLR camera, and a bellows with an enlarger lens. The enlarger lens gives me the macro effect and the bellows allows me to manually focus the camera in manual mode. I edit my pictures with Photoshop Elements. You have quite a creative method to get the pictures you want. Well done, the close-up of the Morgan is really good. Gary


Level 6

Thanks Gary. I appreciate the compliment and info. All my nice camera equipment is non digital.

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