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22 Mar 2018


Tokens | Longstrider

For your enjoyment today I would like to share a resent auction win. A 1863 Civil War Token. This particular token is called an "Indian-Crossed Cannons". It's die pair numbers are F-82/351 a. These numbers are a way of looking up all the Civil War Tokens and Store Cards. They are like Breen numbers on regular coinage. The first number refers to Patriotic die #82. As you can see in the photos, I hope, it is the date 1863 along the bottom, and an Indian Head facing left. It also has 13 stars around the boarder as well as 13 stars in the headband. The die is thought to have been made by the Scovill Manufacturing Company. This die can be combined with dies 351 or 3352A. The second die number is 351. This particular Patriotic die depicts an open wreath enclosing crossed cannons, drum and Liberty cap. This die is also thought to be made by Scovill. It is also the obverse on this token. It can be used with reverse dies 12, 79, 80, 81 and 82. The token has a Rarity number of 1 and 2. Basically it's very common. The "a" refers to the metal used. In this case copper or bronze. All these tokens and store cards were made and used during the Civil War due to people hoarding any government issued coins for their metal content. They were used the same as money. I hope you enjoyed this blog and that I got my facts correct. I'm a novice at collecting these. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for your time.

21 Feb 2018


Exonumia | Longstrider

Today I am going to put up something entirely new to me. I am trying my luck at studying Civil War Tokens and Store Cards. Be gentle as I am just starting my studies and research. As you can see in the photos below, I am working on this 1863 Civil War Token. It is confusing to me as the dies that could have been used on both sides of the same token were used on tokens and store cards. The front of the token can be found on page 141 of the newest edition of Civil War Tokens and Store Cards. Second edition. It is Patriotic die 210. This side of the token features the Flag Of Our Union with 13 stars around it, the date 1863 and the Phrygian cap of freedom.

26 Oct 2017


Paper Money-U.S. | Longstrider

Here are two examples of Civil War era currency. Both are from banks in Louisiana, New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Both are also in the amount of five dollars.

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