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11 May 2020


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The other day, Tuesday, 5 May, was the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Briefly, it is the celebration of the Battle of Puebla in which the hugely outnumbered Mexican Army was victorious in defeating the French and gaining their independence. I love this day and since there were no public celebrations, I did the only thing possible, I bought a coin. I am a collector of all Latin American silver coinage. This day is special so I went for a gold coin instead.

28 Jan 2019


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On December 30, 2018 I wrote a blog on my raw 1947 Mexican gold 50 peso coin. I wrote that it is a solid 1947 not one of the many restrikes. Well, as you can guess, I may be incorrect. I base this on an inquiry I made to NGC. I sent my coin in for grading and to be slabed. It was returned to me as a beautiful MS 64. I am very happy with the grade and fast service. However, it also said RESTRIKE on the label. I had to find out what the deal was so I called NGC to find out.

14 Feb 2018


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Today I would like to share a coin I was very lucky to find at this late date. It is a Canadian Gold 2013 Ruby Throated Hummingbird. This coin is a 25 cent denomination. It is ½ a gram of .9999 gold. Not a lot of gold but pretty pure. I should say it is 11 mm in diameter. This coin is part of the Canadian Wildlife Series, which I have a few. They may be small but every detail is present. The reverse was designed by Claudio D'Angelo. His depiction is of the hummingbird in full flight. That means 50 wing beats per second.

29 Jan 2015

First Coin Graded and Slabbed

Coins | Longstrider

This is the very first coin I bought with the intention of sending it in to NGC and having it graded and slabbed. That was an agonizing period of time waiting for it to come back and see what it did. I thought it was about an AU but honestly was hoping for anything other than cleaned or scratched or any kind of damaged grade. Very happy when it came back about what I was hoping for! It really made me feel relieved. I think I'll stick to coins already slabbed for a while.

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